Family Fun Day Stall Holder Applications are now open!
Stall Holder Applications open! Run for Rhys and Family Fun Day 2018 Croxteth Park Liverpool

Counting down to Run For Rhys and Family Fun Day 2018!  We’re expanding the Run For Rhys event for 2018 to include a family fun day at Croxteth Hall and Country Park.

While the very energetic runners complete their 1mile or 5K runs around Croxteth Park, supporters will be able to peruse a plethora of stands, stalls, and displays.

We’re now accepting applications for stall holders for the Family Fun Day part of Run For Rhys.

Call us picky…

We want the Family Fun Day to be successful and for our stall holders to be successful too. So, there are terms and conditions for booking a stall at our event, which you can read in full below.

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Family Fun Day Stall Holder Information

Date: 26th August 2018

Place: Croxteth Hall and Country Park, Liverpool

Time: You have access to set up your stall between 7.00am – 8.30am. Miss it and tough luck, you’ll be parking on the public car park and hiking!

Cost: £5 non-refundable deposit payable by bank transfer only. Stallholders are requested to donate 10% of takings to Rhys Jones Community Centre CIC which will be collected on the day and receipts given. We’d also appreciate you donating a raffle prize.

Insurance: You need your own public and product liability. If you are selling food, you’ll need a Food Hygiene Certificate.

Space: You’re renting outdoor space. Bring your own gazebo, tables, chairs and display items. You’ll be allocated a 3mx3m spot. If you need a larger area, contact us IN ADVANCE.

There is a process to follow!

1. check you can meet our terms and conditions 🙂
2. fill in the application form fully and wait to be approved
3. when you are approved, send in your deposit by bank transfer

Nearer the date you receive passes to access the stall holder carpark area.

Your stall is NOT guaranteed until we RECEIVE A DEPOSIT by bank transfer. No ifs, no buts, no can I PayPal, no “but I gave it to…” No excuses. This will help you and us keep fuss and costs to a minimum.

What type of stalls are we looking for?

We’re hosting a family fun day, so anything family orientated!

We want our stall holders to be successful on the day, so we will not be duplicating stalls and we will strive to keep duplicate individual products to a minimum.

Information or service based businesses/organisations are also welcome to apply for a stall.

Stallholders and their products will be published on our FB page, the Run For Rhys FB group, here on our website and other channels. The more information you can give us, the better!

To apply for a stall at the 2018 Run For Rhys and Family Fun Day event at Croxteth Hall and Country Park, download and complete an application form.  Return the form by email to BOTH the email addresses on the form.

Click To Download An Application Form!

Terms and Conditions

Rhys Jones Community Centre Guarantee
We as Rhys Jones Community Centre CIC (RJCC) will guarantee to promote this event in a professional manner. We will advertise on our Website, BTR (race organiser) website, emailing list and in local press and social media. Leaflets, posters and other publicity may also be made available.
General public will be signposted to the Stallholders on the day and announced regularly across the morning and afternoon.

Goods Offered for Sale
RJCC will only accept bookings from stall holders whose goods are acceptable. Anyone wishing to book a stall should send photos of their goods or a link to a FB page or website where their goods may be viewed.
RJCC will vet applications to ensure a reasonable standard of workman/womanship and to avoid excessive duplication of any one kind of product.
When booking please describe the goods that you will be displaying, these will be the only products you will be permitted to display.
Any stall holder displaying goods other than those on their original application form may be asked to remove them immediately.

The advertised start time of the first race is 10am but all stall holders will need to be set up and ready to trade from 9am.
Access to the stall holder area for set up will be from 7.00am – 8.30am. There is a small car park area for stall holders and you will be given a stall holder pass on the day. There will be security in those areas checking passes and only those with passes will be given access.
Other parking is available in the main public car park.
Directions and instructions will be given out to all stall holders in advance of event.
You are not to clear away until you are advised to do so.
All stands/stalls are to be set up in an attractive manner and as per your risk assessment.
Boxes etc. are to be stored out of sight, check that your table and gazebo is erected correctly and must not do anything to encroach on pathways or other stall holder’s access.
Rubbish must be removed by you.

All booking fees must be pre-paid.
Bookings are to be made in advance. Once the application is accepted – you will be asked for Booking Fee. Your application and booking is not secured unless this fee has been paid.
Confirmed booking fees are non-refundable.

Limit of Liability
RJCC will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a successful fair/event but cannot be held responsible for damage or theft of your stock, failure of press, inclement weather, astrological incompatibility or anything else beyond our control.
RJCC does not provide insurance cover for theft or damage of stock and recommends that you adequately insure yourself against all risks.
It is a condition of booking that you understand and accept that you cannot hold Rhys Jones Community Centre CIC or the RJCC team responsible for any losses your sustain.

Public Liability Insurance
All stall holders must have their own valid Public/Product Liability Insurance.
Please send a copy of the Insurance with your completed booking/application form.
Failure to provide a valid document will result in not being entitled to rent stall space at the event.

It is the stall holder’s responsibility to ensure that you trade legally and safely at all times.

Click To Download An Application Form!

Stall Holder Applications Now Open! - Run For Rhys 2018
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