What can you do in 2 minutes?

Brush your teeth, read a very short article, grab a cool drink…

In less than 2 minutes, you can make a world of difference to young people in the Croxteth Park area.

We Need Your Help!

We’re launching our Croxteth Healthy Minds and Listening Service project very soon.  Right now we have enough funding to run the listening service for around 6-months.

Of course, we want to run far longer than half a year and reach as many young people around Croxteth with as much support as we can.  We’ve applied for a grant from Aviva and got through to the second stage.

This is where YOU come in.  To get to the next stage we need as many votes as possible.  Please CLICK HERE and vote for us!

Why Croxteth Healthy Minds is needed

Croxteth Healthy Minds and Listening ServiceAround 4500 10-19-year-olds live in Croxteth, with 58% being classed as living in poverty. With this comes the many associated mental health issues (depression, self-harm, low confidence etc) and this is seen regularly in our youth work.

Nearly every week we work with between 4-6 young people with concerns around self-harm, suicidal thoughts, anger problems etc. In February 2018 alone 14 different young people asked us for support around these issues, and requested someone who would simply listen to them.

We try to provide mentoring for these young people but have a limited number of hours available. The Croxteth Healthy Minds project would give us the ability to effectively respond to young people who need help.

Your vote will help us gain much-needed funding to help these young people.

Please VOTE NOW – it will only take less than 2 minutes of your time. This funding will change lives of young people in Croxteth Park and the surrounding area.

Our Plan

If we win the Aviva grant we will:

  • Provide support to young people in the Croxteth Park area is a way that suits them as individuals. This will include the evening and weekend listening service combined with 1-2-1 support either face-to-face or by email/social media chat or phone.
  • Facilitate a Healthy Minds peer support group twice per week, so young people can come together and strengthen their support network.
  • Provide extra daytime and evening activities during school holidays aimed at reducing isolation, and increasing participation in activities which promote the healthy mind message. Activities will include creative and physical activities that reflect the needs of the young people taking part in the regular services.

The grant will be used to fund sessional workers, workshop facilitators, volunteer expenses, and equipment for the service and activities to take place.

With YOUR HELP we can make a real difference to young people’s lives in Croxteth Park. Please vote for us and ask your friends and family to vote for us. Click THIS LINK to vote.

Thank you!